Our manufacturing company was born in 1975; since then we have always been involved in creating collections for the great names of Italian fashion. In 2006 we decided to found our LEMURIA brand to capitalize on our experience with an eye to the future.

Our strengths are:

• SUSTAINABILITY: Ours is a small company in the green heart of Italy, Umbria. Ours is a small production that allows us to manage every phase of work in a sustainable way, limiting waste as much as possible, thus optimizing resources.

• QUALITY AND TRACEABILITY: Our dresses are completely made in our factory, from design to shipment; thus guaranteeing the quality and transparency of the product.

• CREATIVITY: our collections are based on a continuous search for innovative forms. The transformable modules are the expression of free creativity capable of creating an interaction between personality, dress and body.

• RESPECT FOR THE BODY: our dresses are made to be respectful of every physical form, the soft elastic jersey adapts to the natural differences that distinguish us from each other.